Collection: part 2


by Enid Ma

13 June 2017 TUESDAY

  • It was the first day of the project — Self portrait. I should describe myself by 7 different tasks. So the first thing I did was do a mind map which could help me organize the thought.
  • First,I was trying to show my feeling — loneliness.Because it was my first time study London where I have never been.Everything was different from my hometown,like, language,culture and people.Then I went outside and tried to find some places which could help me to show the loneliness. Stair was an excellent place. I took some photos form there. However,there was too many people choose stair as the location,so I gave up.
  • After that,I decided  choose the bathroom as the location. Because bathroom made me feel calm and safe due to narrow and quiet.I could do anything in bathroom. And the hair band was the most important props for me, it could represent me totally. Because what impressed people most was the hair band when others look at me for the first sight.Then I put the hair band in my mouth which means I do not want to communicate with others due to unfamiliar and language problems.
  • Finally, I took a photo about the fake me and real me. I drew a big fake smile in my face,wore red cloth and put the household item in the bathroom. The true smile was hided by the fake smile which represents my real thoughts because I had to smile for make friends.It is the most successful photos I think because I wanted to tell people a sentence that people always protect self by ‘smile’.
  • However,I did not finished my work today,I will try more ways to take photos which can represents me totally.

15th June 2017 THURSDAY


  •     Different titles of this work.   

             • REAL AND FAKE
             • TWO

             • SMILE
             • TWO WORLDS
             • MASK

  • I was trying to do a collage with my printed image.So,i cut the photos first and constituted a big mouth which was connected with the project self portrait.Then,I put my printed image in two different place — toilet and my face.The reason why I put it in toilet is that I should remind me to protect myself by this mouth even in toilet.After that,I held it in my hand and tried to covered my whole face.The action look like a demonstration when people paraded the main street. And I just wanted to show this feeling to people.
  • In fact,I do not think it was a good work because the theme ‘fake’ not very clear in this work.And it looks too random I think. But I do not have new ideas now,so I will try to communication with my friend in order to get some good feedback.

20 June 2017 Tuesday

  • Today, I went outside for finding inspirations again.
  • When I roamed around the outside of UAL for hours, I caught sight of a shelter by the river. That shelter was hided in the woods,at the same time, a man who looks extremely comfy sat inside because he avoided sunshine successful. So that, I thought guide people to some cosy place was an enjoyable ideas.
  • Then, when I crossed the intersection, I found traffic lights also was a useful tools to command the citizen. Besides, traffic light was a visual product all these years.It effects people imperceptible by colors. And made people comply with theses rules subliminal.Therefore, I would do something about this aspect.
  • Swimming pool is the best place where people usually visit in summer, Then,I found a swimming pool which will be located within the NEW LEWIS CABITT PARK future. It is a significant destination.
  • However, there were lots of information I did, I had to choose some important ideas form it rather than everything I down.And I would do some location research next days cause it was a significant part of my project.


  • Whole KING’S CROSS is a pentagonal area, the building of CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS and LONDON KING’S CROSS RAILWAY STATION are landmarks of this area.
  • Most of visitors and freshmen usually pace back and forth between those two place,so I believe a small map is helpful to those people find the right way.Although the distance between two place only spend 6 minutes ,it is a trouble for women in high heels and men in leather shoes,especially people usually lost the way.For example,I take 20 minutes when I first visit here last week,because there are not exactly map to guide me.It must be a terrible trip for the visitors.The reason why I want to do a small 3D map is guide people find the real way.
  • I will do some location research about this two places next.And I think It must be a excellent ideas.



26 June 2017 Monday

  • I finished my project 2--‘this place’ in the morning. We did the crit review and then I got some feedbacks about my sketchbook and final outcome which is quiet useful.And my classmate gave lots of helpful suggestions which can help me do better in the future.
  • Then the next project ‘collection’ was begin.We could collet anything in this project whatever visible or tangible. At the begging, we did the group work which about the human body. Taking photos about a part of body which you do not like.The purpose of this work is that do not be shy , face yourself ,be confident.I think is was a good start point for me.
  • Then we did the individuals collection.I decided to do something about sounds. I recorded lots of sounds next,but when I had tutorial with my tutor,she thought the problem is that I did not have the theme,I shall come up with some common point about my sounds. Therefore,I decided do sounds about body.Because our group work is related to the human body,I wanted to develop it by some interesting sounds.
  • We will do some methodologies next days according the project brief ,so I have to finish my individuals work.I will do some sketches about the sound waves in my sketchbook.

CRIT SHEET(26/06/17)


29 June 2017 Thursday

  • I did some researches about sounds.
  • One of the most impressive investigate was wind chimes.Because it was a useful methods to record the sounds.Wind chimes was usually used to test the direction of the wind by the crash of each other.Therefore, I think it was also worthy of recording sound waves.Then,I designed a small sample of 3D wind chimes.It will result in sounds by touching and playing it.At the same time ,it will enhanced interactivity between audiences and products.
  • However,it did not go very well due to materials. The range of materials I can choose was limited because of technique.So,the materials I can selected was woods.But I hope I can try it again by metal in the future.But,to my surprise,the colliding sound between woods was quiet nice voice. 




30 June 2017 Friday

  • Today,we did the presentation and crit.
  • I got lots of feedbacks from my classmates and tutor when I presented my outcome.There was an arrestive suggest which attracted my attention immediately. It suggested me that I can try more different methods to do my outcome about sound waves,because I only try 4 ways to do it. Nevertheless,I disagree this suggest.In fact, If I have enough time and materials,I wish develop only one aspect of my project,especially the sample of wind chimes which is the experiment I am most interested in,besides,it is the most impressive one for my audiences.And I think I can do it better.




05 July 2017 Wednesday

  • We did a very interesting practice today about presentation which is a quiet important skills in the future for us.In the language class,the tutor gave me a good start about this 20 seconds presentation.He told us what we can put in the talk. Nevertheless,I usually failed and overtime include the afternoon formal practice.I did not finished the talk in 20 seconds.I personally think the reason is that I was always so focused on the introduction of artist rather than my personal opinions,like why I choose it and what I learn form it.And I think it is a very significant practice ,because it help me to summary my feeling and show my opinions to audience quickly.
  • Next,we tried to develop the sketches in a short time.It help me thinking more creative and innovation. Even I was not finish the sketches at the set time.But I realized time is precious and fleeting.Also,we cannot limit our thinking,we should develop it. 

07 June 2017 Friday

  • In the morning,we did the stitch illustration which we should do some work relative with previous project by machine.Unfortunately,I was unfamiliar with those machine.So the outcome I did was totally failed whatever pattern or color.It make me feel disappointment.To be honest ,I think it is not relative with my discipline,even it can help my work looks more professional.
  • Then we studied how to make model and draw it in the afternoon.The most difficult thing for me was measure.Because there were lost of angle in model I made.I cannot measure it easily.However,it is the team work,so I measure the angle successful with the help of my partner at the end of prescriptive time.It made me realized that team work was a significant part.Because there are lots of things we can not finish individual,sometimes,learn how to cooperation with others is more important than learn skills.







  • We decided the development tendency today.
  • For this project,we had the clear concept —memory and time.In addition,we had the reasonable division about it.I would pay more attention to the package design because of my discipline,graphic design.
  • At the beginning,I wanted to use air balloon as a container which can help my partner put her samples.Because I think air balloon is our same memory in childhood,which related to our concept.
  • Nevertheless, she disagreed this ideas.First,she thought the idea of air balloon would be more tend to installation art which she is not good at.But, I do not think so,because I think it is the foundation plus,we can do anything even not related to our future discipline. Secondary,we did not find the transparent air ballon in supermarket which let me abandoned this ideas.
  • Therefore,I should find more materials which is suitable for this project next.


  • I made some experiments today.
  • I bought lots of transparent snack bags today,and made some samples using it.The reason why I choose snack bags as the materials is that I think it can help my parters show her works clearly,and wood give people a feeling of old,traditional and mysterious which I think same with the feeling of memories.
  • Then I try to burn some paper to create some ashes.Because I think memory will disappears along with the time,but still leave something important forever.Just like the ashes,will ash everything but still have the evidence which prove that it exist.
  • I will share this ideas and experiment with my partner, if she think is well we can develop it together.




  • I finished my final outcome with my partner today.Our final outcome consist of 8 different bags.
  • In fact,I have already finished 8 bags yesterday,but,we found the big size problem in the morning.My works were too small to put her samples.So we decided start it again,make it more bigger than before.
  • I think it is our communication problems which caused such a bad effect.If we had more communications and exchanges at weekends,maybe will never resulted those problem. Therefore,it reminds me that communication ability is quiet important in team work,never ignore build up the relationship with your partners,even only two people.


  • I finished the presentation about PECHA KUCHA today.
  • It is my first time to present power point to the public ,especially there are time limit. Personally speaking, I do not think my presentation is very good today.
  • When I did the presentation,I usually forget what I should talk or describes for some slides,so I have to look the draft which I made before.I think it is quiet rude and not professional.In addition,I did not control the time very good.Sometimes,I will described one slides more than 20 seconds which will resulted I abandoned some important part of content.And I think I should do more body language and use more emotional intonation when I do the presentation next time.Because it will make me looks more naturals rather than mechanized recitation.
  • If I have more time,I will do more practice for my power point.And I should learn how to control the time and how to summarize my works more clearly.





  • I have learned lots of things from foundation plus so far. After I had some tutorials with different tutors,I got many new methods for how to make sketchbooks.The first thing I learned from the course is how to make mind maps.I usually did a mind map at the beginning of one project.And it would help me to gather or unscramble my thoughts as well as became clearer about my final goal in project. Then,I know how to do the artist research better.In the past,I usually did the artist research by writing the details of artist life.And usually ignored how to respond the artist works.However,I know I should write more personal feelings about this works or pictures now even some dislike points or disadvantages.It could be helpful to my further development.In addition,I learned more drawing skills and techniques now compared to the start of the course.For example, OBSERVING PEOPLE which is a quiet interesting and practical skills for me, it can help me catch the most significant point of one item as soon as possible.And I think it can save my time in some aspects in the future works when I use this skills. Furthermore, the daily reflection is the most helpful tasks I have never seen before.To be honest, I consider it was useless at the very beginning.Because I do not think it will help us in any aspects.However, I realized that it can help us record different events,especially when I was trying to recall something.And when I wrote it every nights,I will found what is the most significant part today and have many new plans next, benefit a lot.But now,I still think I have not been ready to progress the BA course,but I think when I finished the foundation plus,I will be ready to go to the camberwell.For my personal goals.I think the drawing skills which I really want to improve in the course has been developed now.And I can draw what I want to describe quit successful now. Although, my drawing skills still not professional,but I think I will be better by doing lots of practice in sketchbook. Personally speaking,I think I am good at come up with different ideas,but it also is my drawback.For the reason that I will confused to selected ideas.And it will make my sketchbook looks chaos.But,after tutorial,the tutor usually will give me many useful feedbacks which will help me to choose the right ideas.I hope I can learn more graphic skills like PHOTOSHOP and AI in the second half of the course.Because,in last tutorials,the tutor think I do lots of work about illustration,he hope see some professional computer works.So,I want to learn it next.

14th June 2017 Wednesday

  • Today, I was trying to show my feeling by body language.At the beginning,I did not how to show my idea 'I want to talk with others,but always failed' by body language.But after chatted with my friend ,I came up with a way that I can show my idea by some props.So I designed a fake mouth which can replaced truly items.I think it was a very interesting works ,because it was made up by a series photos.
  • Then I did the collage by crop the image.I drew a big university doorway as the background cause everything was happened in school.And in the middle of the page, a people who represents friend stand by there and was surrounded by me,But there was some distance between us,which means I really want close with her ,but the distance usually appeared.
  • After that I made my project outcome. That was my favorite photos of all. Because I thoughts the concept of this image was directly. The reason why I chose the public toilet was that toilet was a public place, every student would go to there. I had to wear my ‘smile mask’ in the toilet, even I thought is a private time. And there were two people in the photo. The real one only had a back and hair ,the fake one had the whole face.That means the only thing I show to public is not the real me.
  • However,there were lots of details which I should develop in the future.For example, I think I can draw an exaggerated make-up next time,not just the simple crazy mouth.It will more visualized for audience.

16th June 2017 Friday

  • In the morning, I learned 3 different drawing skills which could help me do more interesting sketches.
  • The first one was blind drawing ,which drew something by listening others description rather than watching by eyes. It was a quiet interesting methods ,cause I did not know what I drew after the description , and the results sometime looks hilarious.
  • Then ,blind drawing by touch was another amusing technique. I drew my partner’s portrait by touching her face.The outcome which I drew was my favorite. It looks very abstract at the first sight. But you could know what is my real drawing after see it carefully.
  • The final skill was drawing by changing the angle.I was trying to draw different angles item by red,orange and green lines. Unfortunately, the outcome was mess and uncomfortable. It was resulted by my drawing ability perhaps.



My favorite one 16/06/17



19th June 2017 Monday

  • Our project was ‘ this place’ which talk about kings cross. After historical introduction, I went to the outside (CSM) with group partners.Then did lots of drawings and photos.The final outcome which I will do was related to signpost. 
  • When I drew the first drawing about rubbish bin,I was not really sure what I should do. So this one was irrelevant to my project. After I had a short tutorial with tutor,I cleared my mind and drew many things about signpost.
  • The first page was talking about the form/appearance of my signpost.It could be formal,like the car sign or notice board,also could be abstract,for example,the sculpture which looks like a swimmer.The public could be directed by the sharp hand.In addition, the letter graffiti could help people find the direction by the lines.
  • The second page was talking about the area where was the destination people will go.The public could go everywhere followed this signpost,like bookshelves ,small waterfall and boat where are close with kings cross.The reason why I wanted to lead people to this destinations is that the weather of London was too hot today.This destinations could help people get relax and right temperature.
  • The question about this two page was that I did not write any key words or evaluations which could help people know what I did better.The next thing I should do is write some evaluation and my ideas in sketchbook.



Interesting 19/06/17



25 JUNE 2017 Sunday

  • I had already finished my final outcome today.It was a small map book.The purpose of this book was guide people find the right direction from KING’S CROSS RAILWAY STATION to CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS. 
  • The name of this book was KZ which was the initials of king’s cross and central saint martins, the white line between thous two letters mean the walking distance between two building.

[[[In the first page,I created a map in the left side by white lines,and the black line was the true road people should go.The figure 1 and 2 represented king’s cross railway station and CSM respectively.
In the second page,I drew the architectural appearances in order to make people find the destinations more convenient.
In the third page, I designed different signposts.For the right signpost, I designed it according the route between two building. Although I personally thought the design not really attractive,but it was quiet practical for people who lost the way.]]]

  • In fact,I had a big trouble during the process.When I drew something by white, the powder always dirtied the picture.It was awful.So I decided to make drawing by computer next time.In addition, when I was trying to make 3D images,the technique was a big problem.But when I do the technique research(I write it in the research),the problem is disappeared.



27 June 2017 Tuesday

  • The tutor showed some examples of different artist works about methodologies and collections today.And I did some experiments of three ways I collected information and present collection.
  • The first method I choose was compounding.I sticked my ten works together by masking tape,and make it looks like an electrocardiogram.Because I hoped people will know sounds existing anywhere and anytime,just like the heartbeat — Although we are still,our heart will never stop beating.
  • The second ways I selected was event/perfomance. I recorded the actions when people caused the sounds by their body,and removed the voice and color.The reason was that I wanted to express the importance of voice,it is a significant media for us. You will never know what others say without the sounds,even they do the action struggling.
  • The third methods was non-visual.I collected the sounds by recorder.It means the most useful thing for people is combine sounds with other things like visual.You do not know what happened only by listening the sounds.
  • I really into the second one,because my friend know what I did by this video.But the tutor interesting in the first one which she think  quiet cool than others.So I will develop this two methodologies next time.

Vedio 27/06/17

04 July 2017 Tuesday

  • After I had an individual tutorial with Mark in the morning,I got lots of feedbacks and suggestions about previous 3 project.
  • To my surprise,mark was satisfied with my sketchbook,because he thought the process of each project was relatively complete.So that,he expect I can do more interesting experiment about my project.However,there was still some problems in my sketchbook,he thought that I draw too many illustrations in my works,which make it looks more like illustration rather than graphic design. To be honest,I was into some hand drawings and I think illustration was a part of graphic design,but I will try to develop my works by computer,like photoshop or AI in the future.It will make my works look more professional in some aspect.
  • In addition,the most serious problem was workflow.Mark think the daily reflection should be more personal,not description. He expected I can write more individual thoughts and opinions on the daily reflection,rather than describe a thing happened today.
  • After he told me that problems,I realized it was a serious questions for me,so I will modify my workflow next,and write more personal opinions in it.

feedback 04/07/17

feedback .jpg


06 July 2017 Thursday

  • We had two different drawing class today.
  • The first one —observing people is an attractive practice.I can arrange the situation on my own initiative and judgement. Furthermore we have the time constraints when we drawing others.So that,I had to abandon some details in my drawing.To my surprise, I found that it help my whole pictures looks more aesthetic feeling.And I think the drawing with mark pen more visualize than drawing with pencil.
  • In terms of fine art drawing,I got into a panic.Because I think it was relative with fashion rather than graphic design.And I was unfamiliar with those skills.But then I found it is very consequential. Moreover,It will make my sketchbook looks more comprehensive if I do it in the future.



Fine art drawing 06/07/17

fine art drawing.jpg



  • We did a co-create project today.It was an unfamiliar project for me,because I never did the project with some partners,especially people who I do not know before.When I heard that the public exhibition will hold in August,I felt exciting and nervous. Because the outcome of this project will be a cooperation.The method which I should made it with my partner make me feel strangeness but I am confident of this cooperation.
  • In fact,we got many cigarette cards in museum project.I do not really know what it is,so I thought it was the gift maybe in the past,give people who buy a particular brand.The truth is quiet similar with us.But I think the pattern in each cards looks quiet interesting,like some well-know people’s portrait,national flat and beautiful place.
  • The most interesting thing in library session is that I got many questions about my project.For example, how to express my opinion directly to my audience?The found is key words,but where it is? I will overcome those question next.
  • In fact,the discipline of my partner is fashion print which is totally different with my discipline.But we think we can develop own ideas first,then mix it with some methodologies.But I did not come up with some methods which help us combine two discipline perfect.











  • After tutorial with tutor, I got some useful feedbacks.
  • Our division is great and unambiguous.And the outcome which we want to do is great.But she think I should do more experiments and try to find some interesting materials about it. And the sketchbook looks not enough. In fact,the experiment which I did waste lots of time,so I did not do my sketchbook very well.But I will do it better in the weekends.
  • The most challenging of collaboration is materials I think.Because I have not find some helpful materials so far.I will go to the shop at the weekends.And the design of it also difficult.I did not come up with some creative pattens which can give people a feeling of old calendar.


  • Today,we did the presentation about our final outcome.
  • In fact,my group outcome is 8 different textiles which be packed in transparent papers.Our concept —‘time and memory’ is got from the museum object — ‘cigarette cards’.Because we think cigarette cards was created by 19 century,and now disappeared and only exist in people’s memory.I was quite satisfied about this concept and think it is the most successful parts,because I think we extracted the most important parts of object as our starting point which is very clear.
  • But,I think the typographic design which I did should be improved.Because,I got the feedback from tutor and my friends,they think the number I did looks not very clear,which cannot help people understand what I did directly.So,I will do more experiments about the number design if I have more time.I will pay more attention to the part of visualization,which make people know what I desired clearly.
  • I really like yang yang’s collaborations outcome which is called kmoji. It is a very interesting outcome.And the most attractive parts for this outcome is the interaction.The audience can play it and enjoy it, which I think I should develop my concept to this direction.







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